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Momo Challenge Game Apk Download


What Are the Momo Game WhatsApp Challenge?

Momo challenge Game Apk is a ‘suicide game’ available on the social media platform such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube. The social media account, Momo, uses the image of an artwork, called Mother Bird by Link Factory, invoking horror among players. The game majorly targets children challenging them to communicate with an unknown number from Japan, Mexico, and Columbia. If a player refuses to follow the instructions of the game, Momo threatens them with violent images.

It is said that the challenge first started on Facebook where people were asked to communicate with an unknown person via an unknown number. Reportedly, the link of this game is being circulated through Whatsapp. The first Momo challenge death took place in Argentina in early August where a 12-year-old girl filmed her tasks on her phone before committing suicide. The Argentina Police warned parents to monitor their kids. The hunt for the ‘adolescent with whom she exchanged messages’ is underway.

As the game is not yet officially launched, the details about the challenges are not yet available. As per updates, at first, the members are given the challenge to communicate with an unknown number.

After the communication is done, the Momo challenge starts coming to the user which includes many brutal real-life challenges and may lead to hurting people too. The Momo Game WhatsApp Challenge is made to encourage children to engage in violent activities and may end up with suicidal attempts.

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As per an incident reported in West Bengal, a girl posted on Facebook about her rift with her mother and she wants to end her life. Soon the girl was contacted by an unknown number in her WhatsApp to take the Momo Game Challenge. After that, she lodged a complaint in her nearest police station.

Police Forces from the several countries are trying to find out the source of the game. A 12 years old girl from Argentina has committed suicide and police is suspecting it as the outcome of taking Momo Challenge Game Apk.

“Stop Momo Game’ Download: Parents beware! WhatsApp-based suicide game reported in India”

However, there is very less news or complaint registered against the game and it has not yet become as popular as Blue Whale which has taken hundreds of lives across the world.

The grotesque woman that is being used for the challenge is an artwork by Japanese artist Midori Hayashi, who has no association to the game in any way. The artwork is known as Mother Bird and is also linked with Link Factory.

The image is horrifying and bizarre. It portrays a girl’s face, which appears to be distorted. The eyes are popping out and bulging, appearing like two momos, only with eyeballs. The mouth is curved to the extent of being anomalous. The body appears much smaller than the face.

The horrific photo is being used to make teenagers take their lives, just like the blue whale challenge. Children are contacted through unknown numbers, the accounts of which have been associated to three numbers in Japan, Mexico and Columbia.

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What is Momo Challenge Game WhatsApp Number?

Momo Game WhatsApp Challenge Number are available on the internet. Play this game at your own risk. People are searching for Momo Challenge Game WhatsApp numbers and Chats. Below the image containing the WhatsApp number of Momo Game Challenge Japan.

How to Play Momo Suicide Game Challenge?

Momo Challenge Game Apk Download

The game majorly targets children challenging them to communicate with an unknown number from Japan, Mexico, and Columbia. If a player refuses to follow the instructions of the game, Momo threatens them with violent images.

According to the Mexico police, the game germinated from a Facebook group which asks its members to contact unknown numbers and later spread to WhatsApp. Computer Crime Investigators of the Mexican State of Tabasco has also warned about the game and stated the game is aimed at teenage kids. They even tweeted about it and said, “Avoid talking with strangers.”Investigators said in a statement, “In social networks, the image of a terrifying woman is circulating. They call her ‘Momo’ and she invites those who see her write to her through WhatsApp.”

Download Momo Challenge Game Apk:

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Momo Challenge Game Apk Download

Download Momo Challenge Game Apk

Momo Challenge Game Apk Download
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