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Rush fire mod apk game is available to download with unlimited money.This is one of the best online shooting game

Over the time, shooting games have taken over the gaming community. Now-a-days, every kid’s first game is a shooting game. In earlier days, people used to play iconic shooting games like Call of Duty 1, Counter 1.6 etc. To play games with advanced graphics and controls, they had to buy a PC. But not anymore. Thanks to technology, now you can play highly developed games at your Android smartphone as well. That is why, in this article we are going to show you how to download Rush Fire mod APK.

Rush Fire is a free to play online shooting game that can be played on any Android device, regardless of the specifications. The game has really good graphics, and the control is just awesome. The game gives you realistic experience, and feels like that you are actually in a life or death situation. You must kill the enemies to survive. Rush Fire Mod APK allows you to have more features than the normal Rush Fire game. Rush Fire Mod APK is an intense shooting game, which includes a lot of weapons like: M4A1-Transformer, AK-47 Infernal Dragon, AWP-Infernal Dragon, D.E. Born Beast etc. Millions of people among the country are already playing Rush Fire Mod APK, so you will never be alone. You will get matches instantly, whenever you want.

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Requirement to play Rush Fire Game

Before we begin downloading the game, let’s look at the requirements of the game. Because it will be a waste of time if you download the game but could not run it. The requirements aren’t high. Any mid-range and many low-range Android smartphones will be easily able to run the game.

  1. Processor: A 1.2ghz processor with 4 cores will be able to run the game flawlessly.
  2. Ram: The game requires 1GB of RAM.
  3. Android version: You need to have Android 4.4 or higher to be able to play Rush Fire Mod APK.
  4. Unused Memory: The game requires you to have at least 2GB of unused memory.

Features of Rush Fire Online Mod APK

Rush Fire has a lot of awesome features, which will help you enjoy and love the game.
Here are some features of Rush Fire:

  1. New Maps – The developers of the game are working hard every day to provide you with new and awesome maps. The game even consists Dust 2, an iconic map that the Counter Strike franchise has had since more than 20 years. Another great map in the game is Airport.
  2. Zombie Mode – Zombie is an awesome game mode that has different zombies running around trying to eat you alive. To survive, you must kill them. Unlike other normal players, it’s a lot harder to kill these zombies. Though the game mode is really fun to play.
  3. Ghost Mode – This game does contain Zombie mode but it also contains another awesome game mode, that is, Ghost mode. You will be left in a place alone with hundreds of ghosts, whom you must kill to live. Kill, or be killed.
  4. Guns – The game has a lot of awesome and cool guns, which you can use to kill the scary enemies. It is hard to unlock these guns, but using our Rush Fire Mode APK you will not have any problem unlocking the guns. Some of the guns are: M4A1-Transformer, AK-47 Born Beast, RPK-Infernal Dragon, B.C-Axe Transformer, Barret-G.Dragon.
  5. Characters – The game has some simple yet beautiful characters and that’s not all. Rush Fire Mode APK allows you to create your own character and then play with it. You can customize the character according to your liking and then destroy others with the characters.
  6. Drone Assistance – A drone will help you fight the enemies. So if you are having trouble killing the enemies, this drone will surely back you up, and you will be able to win the match. Entering the enemy base and defeating them isn’t an easy task, so this drone is really needed. The height and aim of the drone can be adjusted by players, that way you will be able to kill more enemies.
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However, there are some features you will only get if you do Rush Fire Mod APK download. These features are as follows:

  1. Unlimited Coins – If you download about Rush Fire mod APK, you will get unlimited coins and will be able to enjoy a lot of awesome features for free.
  2. All Weapons Unlocked – In the mod version of Rush Fire, all weapons are unlocked and you can use any of them at any time. This way you will be able to enjoy different cool weapons without buying them.
  3. Unlocked Maps – If you do Rush Fire Mod APK download, you will have access to all types of maps and will be able to enjoy the game at it’s fullest. Different famous maps like Dust 2 will also be available in our mod version of Rush Fire. This is another big reason why you should download Rush Fire Mod APK.
  4. Unlocked Modes – You will be able to enjoy all the different modes of the game without spending any money. Different awesome game modes such as Ghost mode and Zombie mode are available in this version of Rush Fire.
  5. Editing Characters – Rush Fire Mod APK download allows you to edit characters and that way you will be able to play as your favourite face. This is a real good feature that is only available in the mod version of Rush Fire.
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So these were the advantages that you are going to have if you do Rush Fire mod APK download. Now that we have looked at the features, I am pretty sure most of you are already like “Give the download link already!!”. Well, the wait is over. Now let’s begin to the process of Rush Fire mod APK download.


Rush Fire Online Mod APK Download for Android

Install Steps:
– Uninstall PlayStore game if you have it.
– Download MODDED APK and install.
– Download OBB, extract to “scard/android/obb
– Have fun

Before you begin the download, I suggest you to enable installation of apps from unknown sources. You can do so by going to Settings in your Android device > Apps > Unknown sources and tick the option. Now we can finally begin the process of Rush Fire Mode APK download.

Download Now

Main Post- Rush Fir Mod Apk


  1. Go here to begin downloading the application. Once you click on this link, the download will begin automatically.
  2. Once the download has begun, wait for it to finish. Once you’ve downloaded the game, click on the file and start installing.
  3. Allow all the permissions and wait for the app to be installed.

That’s all. Now you will be able to play Rush Fire Mode APK without any problem.


Rush Fire Online Shooting Game Mod Apk Download | Unlimited Money
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